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E-commerce continues to gain momentum and increase in popularity as the Internet grows.  Whether you have a service to offer, products for order, or donations to accept, let FOXyGARCIA, Inc. help create a viable e-commerce solution for you

FOXyGARCIA, Inc. offers clients a variety of solutions with e-commerce.

Today, small businesses (defined as those businesses with less than 100 employees and/or those with sales less than million) account for more than
23 million businesses in the United States, but less than 10% have their own
web site and less than 5% have ecommerce sites.

Now, the playing fields are leveled for small businesses through access to a global marketplace at a substantially reduced cost.

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Custom Designed E-Commerce sites:

  • offers several shopping categories for home cleaning, cooking, and creating.  Company receives order in email and runs the credit card themselves.  Shopping cart calculates quantity discounts and tracks inventory.
  • offers approximately 25 products, some unique, some available in quantities.  This is a small hat designer who now accepts orders world-wide!
  • is a non-profit organization that takes secure donations directly from their web site.  This is better than taking pledges on TV or Radio, this web site takes the credit card and user information and secures their donation at that time!
  • now offers online purchase of their Gift Cards.  Shopping cart tracks all email addresses and allows owner to send newsletter with ease!  Coming soon other company merchandise:  hats, t-shirts, etc.

What Sells Online?

In the past, computer hardware and software sales comprised the largest piece of the online marketplace. Other markets, however, are now making great strides in this arena. In general, the more difficult and/or time-consuming it is to purchase a product, the more likely consumers will prefer to use the Internet over the traditional shopping experience.

Successful e-commerce solutions are the result of planning, experience, research, and hard work. If you are interested in discussing the possibilities for your business with FOXyGARCIA, Inc. contact us here.    010top.gif (69 bytes)


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