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The same holds true for a web site. Unless people know about the web site and are given a good reason to visit, no one will, no matter how wonderful the web site design and no matter how reliable the web site hosting.

Creating awareness for our client's activities is not an after thought, but an integral part of their online campaign. We are vigilant in seeing that the appropriate audiences are made aware of a clients' online contributions by using a combination of advertising and public relations strategies. This extends not only to web sites that FOXyGARCIA, Inc. produce but also to sites for which FOXyGARCIA, Inc. exclusively provide promotional and public relations services.

FOXyGARCIA, Inc. raises awareness of its clients' web sites by:

  • Registering web sites in major as well as industry-specific search engines, directories, and review lists.
  • Writing news releases and distributing them through
    FOXyGARCIA, Inc. extensive media network of reporters that cover online activities.
  • Recommending various newswire releases and coordinating newswire distribution.
  • Performing research to locate specific online forums at which a target audience may be found, and then writing appropriate announcements for that forum.
  • Developing story ideas, and then "pitching" those ideas to the media.
  • Creating and implementing original online and off-line promotions and strategies.
  • Designing advertising banners, locating worthwhile online advertising buys and negotiating those buys on behalf of clients.
  • Integrating a client's online efforts with their off-line marketing promotional activities.
  • Implementing databases and mailing lists to build a foundation of people interested in receiving news of web site updates.

Successful Internet marketing is the result of planning, experience, research, and hard work. If you are interested in starting a comprehensive online marketing dialog with FOXyGARCIA, Inc.
contact us here.


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